services and processes

TERRANUT cuenta con distintos procesos para obtener su producto final de acuerdo a los requerimientos de nuestros clientes. Para ello el proceso de obtención de almendra en pepa, se divide en: Prelimpiado, despelonado, descascarado, calibración, selección, envasado y Almacenaje.

Processes and Services


The raw material comes directly from the fields, so it is necessary to carry out a cleaning process before it enters the plant. We call this process "Pre-cleaning", where specialized machinery cleans the raw material of foreign elements, among which are: sticks, dust, stones, leaves, etc.

processes and services


This is the stage that separates the outer layer of the fruit, called "peel", through a mechanical process of rubbing the fruit with rubber rollers by speed differential, then the products are separated by sieves and air.

The peel corresponds to a soft and urgent layer, which becomes woody when dehydrated. It is marketed for animal feed because of its nutritional properties.

processes and services


The shelling process (separation of the seed from its shell), is done by pressure, the separation is done by rubber rollers that are exerting different pressures to the fruit until it manages to break the hard shell and the kernel is obtained in seed and is ready for the next calibration process.



Once the seed almond is obtained, it goes to the next calibration process where the fruit is divided according to its equatorial diameter and is stored in bins properly identified for the different products and specifications requested by our customers.

After being calibrated and before going to the selection process, the seed almond is fumigated to eliminate any danger it may contain.



In this process we have two modes of selection, the first one is the Optical Selection, where by means of a specific machine 98% of impurities are eliminated.

Our second stage of selection is the "Manual Selection" where we separate the healthy almond kernel from the split, chopped, twins, etc., together with foreign materials (peel, shell, etc.). This is a critical process since it is the last selection before entering the elaboration process of the different products offered by TERRANUT.

Once the seed is selected, it is stored in bins with bags properly identified for temporary storage.


Every product, before being packaged, goes through a metal detection machine, in order to control and eliminate 100% of the
possible contamination of the product with any metallic material that could be hazardous to people's health.
The finished product is packed in cardboard boxes in 10 kg polyethylene vacuum bags and sealed with modified atmosphere, each box has its corresponding information according to the requirements of each client.



Our company has an exclusive sector for the storage of the finished product. Once the packaging process is finished, the product is palletized and awaits dispatch, coordinated with the client.