Our company

Terranut SpA is a third generation family company, producer and processor of high quality almonds, has one of the largest almond fields in Latin America with 380 hectares planted and a production of 650 tons in the valley of Limarí, Chile.
All processes are fully integrated, from the moment the fruit is on the tree, through the production in our plant, to the export and international marketing of the products. Achieving traceability and control of these processes.
The solid and constant growth of TerraNut since 2008 is based on the principles of quality and efficiency in all processes, professional and reliable service to our customers, employee training and a fair relationship with society and the environment.

Our history

In 1968, Mr. Manuel Contador Varleta, started the company CONTADOR FRUTOS S.A. in Parcela Nº2 of San Ramón in the commune of Coquimbo - Chile. After years of constant work, achieving high quality products and with the vision of becoming one of the largest fruit producers in Latin America, the company began exporting in 1992, implementing state-of-the-art technology and highly trained teams. Today, its third generation has managed to position the dream of Don Manuel Contador Varleta as a recognized company in international markets for its reliability and professionalism.

Our fields